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Real gamblers want REAL sign-up bonuses when they try out a new casino.  That’s why the Hog has an entire website dedicated to online casinos that cater to you, the high roller. If you want to win big, you have to play big, and the casinos listed here each offer a casino bonus that helps the high roller start out way ahead of the house...


Aztec Riches Receive up to $850 Free on your 1st 3 purchases!
Blackjack Ballroom Play with $500 and 1 Hour FREE
Captain Cooks 1 hour $500 free play keep what you win
Casino Classic Play with $500 totally FREE, keep the winnings!
Casino Kingdom 100% Matching signup Bonus up to $77 FREE!
Golden Tiger Play With $1500 and 60 minutes FREE! New Win as much money as you can.
Lucky Emperor $10 No Deposit Bonus and $100 Deposit Matching Bonus.
Phoenician Casino up to $1,200 triple bonus
Strike It Lucky Deposit $40, Get $20 Free.
Virtual City Get $10 no deposit bonus and $40 free with $100 deposit.
Yukon Gold Play With $1000 and 60 minutes FREE!
Zodiac Casino Deposit $1 and get $20 FREE. That's a 2000% Bonus! Plus 100% match bonus of $100 on 2nd deposit
Golden Reef Casino Microgaming 100% bonus up to $100 casino bonus!
Challenge Casino 25% Bonus up to $800 FREE on your 1st deposit!
Music Hall Get 25% Bonus up to $500 Free
Nostalgia Casino Deposit $1 and Get $20 FREE 1st time!! Up to $500 Free on Multiple Deposits
Vegas Country Casino Receive up to $245 Free on your 1st 2 deposits
UK Casino Club Get up to $700 Free Bonuses on your 1st 5 deposits
Casino Share Play With $2,011 and 60 Minutes FREE! Wow
Grand Mondial Get $2,500 and 60 minutes to make as much money as you can!
Players Palace $2,000 and 60 minutes to Play FREE!! No Risk
Casino Action Play With $1,250 and 60 Minutes FREE
Quatro Casino Play With $100 FREE!


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